Chief Directorate: Metro Health Services

SALARY : R102 534 per annum

CENTRE : False Bay Hospital


  • Minimum requirement: Basic literacy and numeracy. Experience: Appropriate
  • Porter experience in a public health facility. Inherent requirements of the job:
  • Willingness to work shifts, public holidays and over weekends. Ability to
  • perform tasks such as lifting of patients from or onto beds, trolleys and
  • wheelchairs, in and out of vehicles. Prepared to handle bodies or corpses.
  • Prepared to work in all departments or wards in hospital. Willingness to cover
  • shifts in absence of colleagues. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Ability to
  • communicate in at least two of the three official languages of the Western
  • Cape.
  • DUTIES : Assist and accompany walking, sitting, non-walking or disabled patients and
  • transport patients per wheelchair or trolley from reception to the wards or from
  • the wards to the treatment sections, and in and out of ambulances. Deliver and
  • collect medical and other documentation (patient files, report, etc) to or from
  • wards or treatment areas. Check and replace oxygen cylinders in wards or
  • treatment areas and assist with shifting of medical equipment and report any
  • defects. Assist with the drawing and filing of patient folders.
  • ENQUIRIES : Ms C Peters Tel No: (021) 782-1121/5257
  • APPLICATIONS : The Senior Medical Superintendent, False Bay Hospital, Private Bag X1,
  • Valyland, 7974.
  • FOR ATTENTION : Ms L Shoosmith
  • NOTE : No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post.
  • CLOSING DATE : 20 September 2019

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